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Best Place to Buy HCG – Where HCG Products are Best Sold

To get the most ideal and safest weight loss method in stores nowadays, HCG diet is the best choice. It is a weight loss program that takes place for a period of 26 or 40 days. It is consist of administering the human chorionic gonadotropin or the HCG hormone and maintaining a low calorie diet of 500 a day.

The HCG hormone is found in high levels during pregnancy. Its main function is to protect the growing embryo inside the woman's body. What the hormone does to protect the embryo is to remove the unwanted fat deposits to provide room for mobility and development of the fetus' body. As an effect of this natural phenomenon, it causes the woman to maintain her weight and figure during and after pregnancy.

Due to this discovery, HCG hormone was developed into a weight loss plan coupled with a diet protocol. You can find the hormones in different forms depending on the method that you want it to be administered. You can use the injections, oral or sublingual drops, pill, and sprays.

So if you have decided to use HCG hormone as a means of losing weight, you must be able to do preliminary search on where these products are sold. You should take in consideration the distributor or supplier of the HCG products to ensure its quality and effective results. Here are some of the best places that you can purchase HCG for weight loss.

From Health and Pharmaceutical Clinics
Almost all shopping malls and strip malls have health and pharmaceutical clinics. These stores sell health supplements and vitamin products. In addition, they are not exempted from selling HCG products. You can visit these stores and see if they do sell HCG. If you are not sure and for you to save time and effort, you can call them first and ask whether or not they are selling HCG products. Given that the stores do not sell such product, you can request if they can order it for you. Some stores may allow this. They will ship the product from the main distributor and have it delivered to their shop or even directly to your house. Of course, you should be ready for additional fees besides the actual cost of the product.

One example of a weight loss clinic is the HCG SlimAgain Clinic. You can locate this clinic in Tacoma or Seattle where they sell HCG drops and injections. The clinic has a program prescribed to its dieters and it is divided into four phases. It starts with the preparation phase, followed by weight regulation, then transition, and finally maintenance. The success rates of HCG SlimAgain are quite high with about 10 to 14 pounds of weight loss in just one week.

The second one is the Meta-Health Weight Management Incorporated. The clinic not only sells HCG products but also provides a goal of developing and improving your lifestyle from unhealthy and sedentary to fit and healthy. It gives you a program that encourages the dieter to maintain a protein diet with the use of the HCG injections or drops. It also has stages: preconditioning, weight reduction, stabilization, maintenance and follow-up. With their system, you can lose about 3 to 5 pounds in a week. The program basically lasts for 4 months and it is located at Columbia and Kansas City.

The third best psource of HCG products is the Success Weightloss Systems at Alberque, New Mexico. In their program, your cooperation will be based on the results of your consultation and blood screening. Their goal is to determine what causes your weight gain. Just like in other clinic, you will be prescribed to use HCG shots or drops. You will then expect to lose 1.5 pounds everyday.

From Retailers Online
There are many online retailers of HCG products at present. This is because most businesses today are successful in selling their products online. The stores that you can find online sell bottles of HCG oral drops. These bottles could be 1 to 2 ounces of the HCG drops that also includes a kit good for 26 or 40 days of HCG use.

From Auction Websites
Online auction allows the sellers to put their items online and sell them according to the price that they desire. If you buy from them, you will have great deals on the HCG products, supplements, and vitamins. Be sure to also consider the shipping payment which is usually not included in the overall cost of the product.

From Online Price-Compare
Online price-compare includes websites such as and Going through these websites allows you to compare which prices of HCG products you fine affordable. Most of the time, the costs of HCG products from price compare are cheaper than the regular retail price.

There are more places that are best when it comes to selling HCG products. You simply have to be keen in searching and cautious in choosing which is the most reputable and trustworthy to purchase the HCG product.



0 #1 Heather 2011-10-14 13:42
There are more places that are best when it comes to selling HCG products. You simply have to be keen in searching and cautious in choosing which is the most reputable and trustworthy to purchase the HCG product.
0 #2 Alexis 2011-10-18 09:18
You have enough time to look for a reputable store and compare prices of the products.The HCG products sold online are not different from those sold in pharmaceutical and health clinics. The only difference is that there is no stress in buying when you go online.

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