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The best tip for the HCG diet is to not cheat and stick to the diet plan strictly. It is created in a simple manner and the directions are very easy to follow, if you just simply follow them. Cheating is not worth it and sets you up for more cravings leading to more cheating down the road.

Next make sure you take your HCG drops as instructed. Make sure to count them out in a mirror or into a tablespoon or small medicine cup before putting them under your tongue. Be sure to hold it there for thirty seconds so it has time to absorb into your blood stream.

Make sure you are drinking two or more liters of water daily or sixty-four ounces or more daily. Water helps flush out the fat and helps you feel full.

Make sure to eat all the food you’re allowed even if you don’t feel that hungry. It is important to get it all in so your body does not go into “starvation mode” and hold onto fat and calories instead of release them.

Drinking green tea helps with your metabolism as well as helps to curb your appetite so if you’re feeling hungry try a cup of green tea. You can drink it hot or cold.

Don’t exercise MORE than walking or lightly jogging one to two miles per day. Anything more will show as stalls or gains for two reasons. One because you’re not eating enough to support vigorous exercise and it will think you’re not getting enough fuel and put your body into “starvation mode” which will cause it to again hold onto fat and calories. The second reason is because you may be building muscle which weighs more than fat and in doing so it will show a gain versus a loss due to the muscle being built. Walking or lightly jogging one to two miles a day will help your losses increase so feel free to do that much, just don’t over do it.

Try to alternate your proteins that you eat having one type for lunch and something different for dinner. Some people have problems and lose less when eating a lot of beef so if you find you’re not losing at least at the average of a half a pound per day then maybe change your beef to chicken or seafood. Alternating your vegetables is a good idea too. Leafy vegetables tend to give better losses than other vegetables. So try to add in green leafy lettuce or spinach when you can.

Remember that if you cheat it could affect you for many days following the cheat. Remember that you are in control of your own situation and accept responsibility when you do fall off the wagon. We are all different and lose at different rates so do not compare your losses to another person’s losses. If you just follow the instructions this diet will work but you must comply with the instructions very strictly. You are in control of your own results. The better you stick to this the better it will work for you.


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