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Phase III of the hCG Diet protocol is the ‘maintenance phase,’ the phase in which dieters will aim to adjust their daily caloric consumption back to more appropriate levels, while maintaining their weight loss for the long term. Dieters will be required to weigh themselves on a daily basis to help them identify weight fluctuations. In the case that a dieter experiences a weight gain of more than two pounds, the dieter will need to implement either a ‘steak day’ or a ‘high protein day’ to help their weight maintenance level out.

A high protein day’ during phase III can be used as an alternative to the ‘steak day.’ Many dieters prefer this option over the infamous steak day. The steak day can leave some dieters hungry as nothing is eaten through the course of the day; steak is the only meal which comes at dinner time, accompanied by a fresh tomato or apple. Water is the only item permitted during the day of a steak day.

During a ‘high protein day’ dieters are allowed to consume a greater amount of foods and are able to eat throughout the course of the day, given that there meals and snacking selections are high-protein foods.

Several steps are involved with a high protein day. Some dieters choose to not consume a breakfast; however, boiled eggs are an acceptable option for dieters who wish to add energy to their morning. Eggs, especially egg whites, are an excellent source of protein. Dieters will need to consume an abundance of fresh water throughout the course of the day to remain hydrated; this is very important. Dieters are permitted to snack during the day on high protein foods that are listed on the acceptable foods list of the protocol. It is recommended to eat a high protein food every two to three hours for optimal results.

Lunchtime meals will call for foods containing high fiber content; a low fat grilled chicken salad would be a good option. Dinner will call for either another salad or a small piece of steak.

HCG Dieters have three other high protein options that are acceptable during Phase III. Breakfast may include as many as three eggs with bacon; the lunch salad may be substituted with three hard boiled eggs, paired with grilled chicken (all fat trimmed). For an even heartier breakfast, dieters are allowed to consume foods such as steak, lean beef or turkey. Supplemented with eggs, these cuts of meat will give dieters 200 to 300 percent of their daily protein requirements.

Vegetables that are permitted during Phase II of the hCG Diet are also permitted during a high protein day of Phase III; however, fruits should be eliminated during a high protein day. Another alternative to the high protein day is an ‘egg day,’ where the dieter will select only egg dishes throughout the day as snacks and meals.

Implementing a high protein day during Phase III can be highly effective in maintaining long-term weight loss results; and has proven to result in a one to two pound weight loss during this 24 hour time period.


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