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Water comprises a greater part of one’s body-weight. The main chemical component of the human body is water. It is a fact that a person can survive without even eating for weeks but not without drinking water. Your body’s system needs water for it to have its normal function. The function of water in the body includes but not limited to bringing oxygen and nutrients to the body cells, protecting bodily organs and tissues, prevent bowel irregularity and a lot more.

Water is very essential and crucial when you are on an HCG diet. Without water, the body will think that it is dehydrated and that you are keep on holding the water inside your body, when this happens, you will end up bloated. If you are trying to lose weight and achieve a 6-pack abs, this is not the look you want. It is a need that you get plenty of water in your body system so that your body will be alarmed to prevent it from retaining excess water. With this, your HCG diet plan will be successful.

What are the advantages of water in weight loss?

Among the listed functions of water in your body system, it also helps your kidneys to function properly and normally. The kidneys will get assistance from the liver if they are not working well. The job of the liver include fat metabolism. If in the case that your liver is helping your kidneys already, this means that your metabolism process becomes less productive and less efficient. Therefore, water is essential in your body system to help you lose excess weight, thereby metabolizing fat as normally as it does.

Many had mistaken their thirst for hunger and so instead of quenching their thirst, they reach for something to eat. They tend to not recognize that water can also control hunger. Water can fill up your stomach thereby making the space for food lesser and making you feel full faster without having to eat a lot of food. Water before your meal will help you to control what you eat and definitely will help you in your fat loss goal.

How much water should you consume while you are on HCG diet plan?

As to the question how much water should you consume in a day, the most common answer you can get is by drinking eight to ten glasses a day. But then, the size of the glass matters. How big should the glass be? The heavier you are the more water you need to consume. You should remember that water is very essential. You should keep yourself hydrated at all times. With enough hydration in your system, the HCG diet plan will surely be a big victory!

Water has many functions in your body. The rest of your body organs would not function without water, and so with your HCG diet plan. Become the new and healthier you by drinking a lot of water together with your HCG diet plan- make your way to the sexier you!



0 #1 Maricar 2011-11-01 17:43
Yes, water is really important. But is it possible to just drink like 8 gl***es a day? or it will depend on the weight? I am 110 pounds, what is the required water intake? Thank you.

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