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HCG Diet Pellets Over Injections

When looking for a weight loss product, the initial consideration is always the effectiveness of the plan. But now, quick result is another issue. Dieters want a product or program that can give them fast weight loss in a short period of time. If weight gain is so much easier to get, why not weight loss?

People get fat easily because of the unhealthy lifestyle. They say goodbye to exercise and hello to fast food chains and sweet indulgences. So in the same manner, they want weight loss to be as fast and as easy as weight gain. Dieters want a program that requires less effort and time but more ease in getting their weight loss desires.

In considering such factors, only one diet program can give all of these in less than a month. The plan is effectives, safe, and most of all fast in providing you with results. This weight loss plan is none other than the HCG diet. It is the newest technique of losing weight and cutting off a few inches of your waist. It is the ideal weight loss program that weight watchers and dieters have been waiting for all these years. It is the fusion of the use of HCG hormone and low calorie diet for a period of 26 days. So expect that you will be losing at least 1 pound a day.

Wherever you may go right now, obesity and overweight are greatly taking over the population. So do not add more insult to the statistics. You can be exempted from this figure by using the HCG diet. Allow it to do all the weight loss work in your body and be able to maintain it for as long as you want. The diet provides you with a diet protocol to guide you all through out the process. One of the guidelines of the diet is to have a doctor and examine you first before actually buying and using the HCG diet plan.

HCG Diet Pellets
When talking about the most innovative weight loss formula in HCG products, the HCG pellets is the one that takes the credit. It combs modern science and technology for the most effective weight loss diet. These new product of HCG is naturally made using the discovery of Dr Simeons during the 20th century and carrying it to the front position of contemporary medicine in the 21st century. With HCG pellets, you can prevent getting HCG immunity because you receive the most precise dose of the hormone.

HCG Diet Pellets and Injections
In comparing the use of HCG pellets and the injection forms, there is no difference when it comes to weight loss effects. Both can provide you with a satisfactory level of outcome. There are just a few differences when it comes to the dosage, administration, and storage.

In taking the HCG pellets, you use them three times a day instead of once a day. Each daily does of the pellets is consists of approximately twice as much as the amount of HCG found in a single injection shot. This is important and needed to achieve the appropriate amount of HCG in the body.

The greatest advantage of using pellets is that there is no need for them to be mixed or injected. You will only need eight pellets to be placed under the tongue three times a day. This is what makes the process of weight loss so simple and easy. It is the most precise way of measuring the right dosage amount available. The other benefit of the pellets is that they are stable at room temperature. This is most applicable to those who travel a lot and there is a need to take HCG to work or travel each day. The pellets have to be kept cool so they can last longer. You can not do this with the liquid forms of the HCG hormone, only with pellets.

In terms of results, there have been reports from pharmacies that sell pellets that the outcome is the same with the injections and sublingual ones. All three products performed just as well as the other. Users and dieters also agree after trying the pellets. The only disadvantage of the pellets is the cost. It is costing about 15 or 20 percent more than the drops and injections. The reason behind this is because the pellets have twice as much as the HCG hormone compared to the other HCG products.

The HCG pellets can be purchased from the collection of HCG diet supplies in local pharmacies. The protocol is just the same when it comes to the diet. You still have to maintain a low calorie diet for the entire weight loss period.

Do not become one of the overweight and obese population. Use the HCG pellets that can give you the same weight loss effects of injections.



0 #1 Doris 2011-10-13 01:07
I have heard about this pellets just now. Sounds interesting. Are the effects also the same with that of the drops and injections?

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