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Real Stories from Real HCG Dieters

If you think losing weight is such a struggle for you, try the HCG weight loss program. It is a successful and safe weight loss diet that does not only help you lose weight but improves your health as well. The program is an easy 26-day program that requires a dieter the use of the HCG hormone and the maintenance of a low calorie diet. The diet has to strictly be limited to 500 calories a day.

You may think that the diet may be a struggle to pursue for a period of 26-days but many have become triumphant in achieving their desired weight for that period of time. There was no struggle or any frustration for that matter. Instead, they just felt even healthier and more energized than they did before.

There is no age limit when it comes to losing weight. This means whether you are young or old, HCG is safe for use. You just have to make sure that you have consulted a doctor prior to the purchase and use of the diet to ensure that you will not be experiencing negative effects to the low calorie diet or allergic effects to the hormone.

Success Stories
Women are extremely conscious about their weight and surprisingly, there are men too who are just the same. Most of them are basically concerned about their health just like Pete from California. He is a father of two boys and his wife used to worry about him disregarding his health because of his unhealthy eating. His doctor suggested two options for him, one to use HCG obesity dieting and the other is to have his stomach stapled. He opted for the use of HCG diet and in just less than a year, he was 8 sizes thinner. He is presently 126 pounds and maintaining a healthy lifestyle of eating less and exercising more.

There are women who usually struggle with weight gain after giving birth. But with Deanna from Canada, it was not that hard at all with the use of HCG diet. She began using HCG diet after the birth of her first born. From the initial use of the hormone, she immediately saw changes in her weight. Her appetite was also controlled and the 500-calorie limit was enough to make her feel full. She lost 60 pounds during this time and it was never difficult for her to maintain this weight. When she delivered her second baby, she again started going back to the use of the diet. Again, HCG did not come short in giving effective results on her. She lost 40 pounds and is maintaining it up to now.

In dieting, you can't avoid getting back to your old habits and gaining weight again. This is what happened to Ellen from New York City. She was 40 years old and 40 pounds overweight when she was convinced to use HCG. Right after she tried it, she lost all those weight. However, 6 months after she finished her HCG diet she gained weight again. She was not able to watch what she was eating. Two year later, she went back to the diet. She began attending HCG diet forums, did regular walks, and limited sweets and carbs in her diet. Now she appreciates better the weight that she lost and maintains the weight that she has.

HCG Diet
You may wonder what miracle des this HCG has to provide such success to dieters like them. Well, it is simple. The hormone and the low calorie diet do it all. The hormone is produced at its highest levels in women during pregnancy. HCG acts to supply energy to a woman and to give nutrients to the growing baby in times that a woman feels weak or sick of eating. This natural happening in a woman's body occurs in which the hormone triggers the body to burn the fat deposits for source of nourishment and energy. Consequently, the woman maintains her weight.

The low calorie diet is another story. It has to be 500 calories a day only. The reason behind this is to allow the hormone to completely remove all the stored fats in the body and not add more deposits. Therefore, you have to watch what you consume every single day. The diet has to be fat-free and no carbs allowed. Only foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean meat are permitted. You may have liberal amounts of water, tea or coffee but no sugar should be mixed with it. Milk can be added but not to exceed 1 tablespoon for a day. The low calorie diet sustains the action of the hormone and is just sufficient for your body's nutritional needs.

Let these success stories inspire and motivate you to the true weight loss effects of HCG diet. Be a witness of HCG's weight loss wonders.



+1 #1 Cheryl 2011-10-13 01:19
I had my share of experience with the HCG diet, I was about to fail but then I realized that it was for my own good. I continued on with my diet and go on. And now? I am the sexier me! :-|
+1 #2 Isabel 2011-10-18 08:19
You may wonder what miracle des this HCG has to provide such success to dieters like them. Well, it is simple. The hormone and the low calorie diet do it all.

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