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Dr Simeons HCG Drops – The Diet Protocol

Each one of us wants to have a perfectly slim and healthy body. That is the reality of life. For this high demand of staying fit and sexy, more ways are introduced to dieters on how they can achieve the body and the weight that they want. These options can range from a new physical workout or sport, a slimming diet, teas, pills, or even surgery. However, not all of them guarantee an effective and safe outcome.

Some of which may even take a long time in order to achieve weight loss. What are in today when it comes to weight loss are quicker and safer results. It is already given that all those options may help you lose weight but not all can offer faster weight loss results in a safer way. Life is quite busy nowadays and you hardly have time to do exercise and cook your own meals for a balanced diet. It is also quite unsafe to go for pills or surgery because there is no clear instruction on how you can maintain your figure after going through it.

The only diet which offers quick and safe weight loss result is HCG diet drops. HCG or the human chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone used for weight loss. It is naturally produced and found in pregnant women because it acts by providing energy and nourishment to the mother on moments that she is not eating well. The hormone signals the burning of fat deposits which in return helps maintain and control their weight.

The unique effect of HCG in weight was studied by Dr Simeons and he was the one who formulated the HCG diet. The diet began with the use of the hormone through needle shots. However, the dieters find it quite inconvenient and painful to receive the hormone through injections every time they have to use it. So later on, it was given through drops.

Dr Simeons HCG drops became a favorite weight loss diet since then. It is easy, convenient, painless, effective, and most of all safe. Just like the previous method of taking HCG, the diet remains to be the same. You still have to observe the low calorie diet during the entire weight loss treatment period. The diet must be exclusive to foods that are only rich in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and not on fats and carbohydrates.

The treatment period takes place for 26 or 40 days. The HCG drops are taken from the first day to the 23rd day or the day that you have achieved your desired weight. As for the low calorie diet, it begins on the third day to the very end of the weight loss program. In taking the HCG drops, you have to be sure you are doing it the right way. Even though you are getting all the drops and maintaining the low calorie diet, you will not lose weight if you take the drops improperly.

When you are about to begin using HCG drops, remember first the timing. You have to use it three times a day which is 20 minutes prior to every meal. The next thing you have to take note is the number of drops and the route. It has to be exactly 15 drops and to be placed under the tongue for 30 seconds then swallowed after. Finally, do not forget that you are not to take anything in your mouth right after you take the hormones. There should be no fluids and food unless 20 minutes is over.

Dr Simeon's HCG drops are pharmaceutically made. They contain the real HCG hormones and not just homeopathic. If the product is real, you have the benefit of receiving its full strength and you get the best possible result. However, if you do not use the real ones and settle for the homeopathic, they may only contain water, vitamins, minerals, and even alcohol. So in the end, you do not lose weight at all. In some cases, you can even get some undesirable side effects from using the fake ones.

The real HCG drops are those sold in reputable companies and pharmacies. You just do not get them from online stores for a cheap price. The cost may be quite high but the quality is worth every penny. You are assured you receive the most potent HCG hormones and the assurance of effective weight loss. More importantly, the real HCG hormones are those that require you to have physical examination from a doctor and prerequisite a written prescription from them.

It is now possible to have the body and weight that you want with Dr Simeons HCG drops. With the hormone and the low calorie diet, you are sure to look and feel fit and healthy.



0 #1 Diane 2011-10-13 11:57
It is just so timely that I want to try the HCG diet, good thing I found your site full of these information. Thanks to Dr. Simeons too for making the HCG diet protocol. I am 165pounds is this type of plan good for me?

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