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HCG Drops Instructions – The Correct Way of Using It

Our world today is concentrated on things that are quick and easy. In whatever we do, we always want things to be fast and simple for us in order to get what we want easily. From the food that we eat to the tasks that we do at work, there are always ways to speed everything up.

For this reason, people tend to become lazy and dependent. We would rather eat out than cook our own food. Sleep late than wake up to do exercises. Drive the car on your way to work or school even if it is just a few blocks away. Satisfy your cravings instead of eating the right kind of food. All these things are products of technology which contribute to what we call overweight and obesity.

On the contrary, because of this weight issue, the quick and easy benefits that science and technology has brought to us can be a good thing to. The scientific and technological improvements in our modern times have led to fast and simply ways of losing weight. You have the option of using weight loss pills, slimming tea, and even surgery. The best representation of speedy weight loss solution is the use of the HCG diet and drops.

HCG diet is the latest weight loss program that is offered by science. It makes use of two powerful actions of the low calorie diet and the HCG hormone. The HCG hormone is pharmaceutically made but is natively produced by pregnant women. It works by providing energy and nutrients to the mother and baby by burning down the stored fat deposits in the woman's body. This natural act of the hormone was incorporated in the HCG diet in the form of injections. Later on, the hormone was given by drops for convenience and safety issues.

The reason why HCG is better given through drops is because not all dieters prefer to take it through needle shots. Some are too scared of pointed objects and it may be too inconvenient for them to receive the hormones through several shots in a day. If it is given only through drops, there is no pain and it is quite handy wherever you may be.

However, there should still be a correct way of taking the HCG drops regardless of the ease of the procedure. If you do not take it with proper instructions, then you might not find it effective at all. The first thing that you should know is the correct timing of the drops. The HCG drops are taken three times a day which is 20 minutes before meals. If in some instances you forgot to take it and you are already done with your meals, allow a 20 minute gap and then take the drops.

The second fact you should remember is the correct rout of the drops. The HCG drops should be place under the tongue for the first 30 seconds then swallowed after. So this means it is sublingual for 30 seconds then oral after that. Make sure that you do not take any water when you swallow the drops. The third consideration is the number of drops to be taken. You should put 15 drops of HCG 20 minutes before your every meal.

The fourth important fact is when to start and quit taking the drops. On a 26- or 40-day program, you should always start taking the drops on the first day. Then you should end the use of the drops on the day that you have accomplished your desired weight or on the 23rd or 37th day.

Those are the proper instructions of taking the HCG drops. Likewise in using the drops, the HCG diet should be properly followed too. The entire weight loss process of HCG will not work as well if the diet is ruined whether you are using the drops correctly or not. The die should be strictly low calorie. It means you are not allowed to eat anything that is high in fat, carbohydrates, and calories. Protein and fiber should be the main course of your diet.

Like the use of the drops, there are also important things that you should consider in following the diet. First you have to choose what you eat. And by selecting what food to consume, you have to measure, weigh, and even portion them. More importantly, you should know when to start and end the low calorie diet. The low calorie diet starts on the third day of the 26- and 40-day cycle, in which the first two days are the loading phase. Then it continues until the very last day of the program.

HCG diet and drops instructions are not so difficult. As long as you have the determination and the drive to lose weight, you can abide with the protocols.



+2 #1 Ruby 2011-10-13 03:41
The correct way of using the HCG drops is well explained here. Very comprehensive. This would certainly help those who are on the HCG diet, including me. I am on my 1st round, I am hoping it will be a great success.
0 #2 Sophia 2011-10-13 11:55
HCG diet and drops instructions are not so difficult. As long as you have the determination and the drive to lose weight, you can abide with the protocols. :lol:
+1 #3 Nicole 2011-11-03 20:29
On your two day loading period do you take the drops
0 #4 Christina 2011-11-04 20:19
Yes, you take the HCG on your loading days.

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