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HCG Drops Protocol – The Basic Guidelines

All of us desire to have a slim, fit and healthy body. Let's face it, it is reality. Since everyone seems to desire such physique, there are more and more methods that are discovered and invented today just to achieve a slimmer body. You have options of going into a specific diet, a new workout routine, pills and even surgery. However, when you do choose to follow weight loss methods, you do not only consider its effectiveness. You also have to examine the protocol or the guidelines of the weight loss program.

The protocol of a certain slimming technique is highly important to consider. It is the basis of a method's effectiveness and success in getting your desired weight loss. If the program or the product claims to be effective and yet you do not follow the right instructions, their claim of effectiveness is useless. You still will not get the weight that you want.

In choosing the weight loss program, you have to make sure you are able to pursue and stick to the protocol. You just do not dive into the program just because you think it is effective. You have to ponder on how capable and persistent you are in maintaining the program or product. It still depends on your decision and not just on the product or the program alone.

One of the weight loss diet and program who has a specific instruction of sticking to the protocol is the HCG diet drops. HCG diet is the use of the HCG hormone and the low calorie diet in order for weight loss to be achieved. The hormone was discovered to have such effect on weight by Dr. Simeons. He found that it is produced in pregnant women and that it maintains their nourishment and energy on instances that they fail to eat enough food. The hormone acts by burning down the stored fats for energy and nourishment of the baby and the mother.

Meanwhile, the low calorie diet does the limiting of fat stores in the body. By only taking a minimum amount of fats and carbohydrates you are also lessening the amount of calories to be stored in your body. Thus the hormone will just eliminate those previously stored by the body and the low calorie diet will supply the needed energy of the body through what is just taken in. It is extremely important that these two should be applied together, and not separately. If one is missing, HCG diet will not be effective in losing your weight.

Aside from always combining these two techniques, there is also a certain protocol on how you should take the HCG drops. The hormone was formerly given through injections. However, due to the pain and inconvenience that it caused the dieters, it was later on converted into drops. The drops are easy and simple to use. Although the drops are a lot simpler to apply, take note that a doctor's examination and prescription are still needed. So regardless of the route, HCG is purchased under a doctor's advice.

Once you have the hormone with you already, what you need to know is how the weight loss program of HCG takes place. The cycle goes for about 26 days or 40 days. During the first two days, you are not yet to follow the low calorie diet but you will already begin taking the drops. These period is called the loading phase in which you can eat whatever you want in preparation for the low calorie diet. On the third day, you start applying the low calorie diet. You should only eat meals rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. This means your diet is exclusive to lean meat, fruits, and vegetables.

The diet goes on until the very last day of the program but the drops are stopped as soon as you have achieved your desired weight or you have reached the 23rd or 37th day. The drops are quite easy to take as soon as you have started to learn how to do it. All it takes is the right instruction.

HCG drops is given for three times a day and should be given 20 minutes before your every meal. You are not to eat 20 minutes before or after taking the drops so there would be no food interaction with the hormone. It also has to be placed under the tongue for 30 seconds then swallowed after. The hormone should be exactly 15 drops in every use. Once you remember all these tips in using HCG drops, the diet will definitely work for you.

It is really very essential to follow the guidelines and protocol of every diet you use. This will ensure you get the best possible results with no regrets later on.



0 #1 Heather 2011-10-13 11:58
I was looking for basic guidelines on the HCG diet. i want to be informed first before I will try the HCG diet. I hope I can beat my laziness and can follow all these guidelines.

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