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How to Take HCG Drops – The Method to Do It

Today, beauty is associated with being slim and sexy. When you are fat or curvy, people do not find you attractive. Commercial and billboard ads say true to this fact too. As much as possible, slim and fit models are used as product endorsers and people look up to the kind of body they have.

Since this has been a fad in our modern times, there have been tremendous discoveries when it comes shedding off some pounds in your weight. Of course, a healthy diet and exercise has always been an ideal choice however, the weight loss process takes time and effort. You have spare time for your workout schedules and take time to cook a well-balanced meal for a healthy diet.

Due to technological advancements and scientific discoveries, there are newer and quicker methods for weight loss. One of this is the use of the HCG diet. In the weight loss program of HCG, it combines the use of the hormone and a low calorie diet. The HCG hormone is produced by pregnant women that helps increase their metabolism. This same action is copied to what is administered to dieters. As for the low calorie diet, you will have to measure, weight, and portion the food that you take daily.

The hormone was initially given through injections. But because of some safety and pain concerns of some dieters, the injections did not favor over other weight loss methods. This led to the development of the HCG drops that is made convenient and painless for dieters who fear needle shots. The sublingual drops are as effective as the shots and the diet protocol are still the same regardless of the form of administration.

At first, you may find it quite confusing as to how exactly the hormone should be given. But as you get the hang of it, you will realize that it is quite easy and simple. The HCG drops are given three times a day, which is 20 minutes prior to taking your meals. In instances that you forgot to take the drops and you have already taken your meal, you can wait for 20 minutes to lapse before you take the dose.

When taking the hormone, pour 15 drops of the hormone under your tongue and let it stay there for half a second. When the time is up, simply swallow the drops. Do not chew or eat anything right after you have swallowed the hormone. You should follow the 20-minute gap in between before taking any food or beverages. The drops are taken from the first day until the last day of the HCG weight loss program which is the 26th day.

HCG drops will not be effective unless you follow the diet protocol formulated by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. It keeps your aware of your calorie intake so you receive the right amount of calories without the need of adding up the calories. So when it comes to the diet, it should be low in fat and carbohydrates but high in protein and fiber.

As to the duration of the diet, it depends on how much weight you want to lose in a period of 26 days. It is ideal though that you should only lose 15 to 20 pounds for the 26-days treatment. If you wish to lose more than that, you should go for the 40-day treatment but the maximum weight loss should not exceed 34 pounds. So when you start using HCG diet, you take the drops from the first day until the 23rd day. But the low calorie diet starts from the 3rd day until the 26th day. This means that on the first 2 days of taking the HCG drops, you don't follow the restricted diet yet while on the last 2 days, you continue the diet but stop taking the drops.

In cases that you have already lost weight before the 23rd or 26th day has lapsed, you can stop taking the drops on that day but continue on the low calorie diet for 3 days more. After that you can now proceed with the maintenance stage. This period is when you are already allowed to eat as much as you want except for starches and sugars for 3 full weeks. When this time is over, you can now consume sugar and starch but in moderation to preserve your shape. If you have not yet accomplished your desired weight within the 26- or 40-day treatment, you will have to wait for a month and a half after your last HCG drop in order for you to begin the next cycle.

Taking the HCG drops is that easy and simple. Just stay true to the protocol and you will lose weight in no time.



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Oh, I see. Taking the HCG drops is just as easy as putting it sublingually. Easy and h***le- free. I hope I can comply. Wish me luck!

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