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HCG Injections for Men – A Better and Manly Choice

Today, it is not just the women who are so concerned with their weight. Men are slowly becoming more conscious about their health, shape, and weight. They are just as eager to lose a few pounds and as interested in weight loss programs whether it is a diet of an exercise routine. The reason why both sexes are so conscious about weight nowadays because obesity and being overweight can happen to anyone who loses grip of a healthy lifestyle. If you are living the sedentary and unhealthy life, you are mostly at risk of getting obese or overweight. It chooses no gender.

When it comes to an appropriate weight loss program, there are those that are specific to women and to men. These programs are based on the capability of the gender to perform and maintain the protocol on a regular basis. For weight loss exercise programs, men usually have strenuous ones than women. As for the diet, the restrictions are equally the same which is focused more on protein however for men they might need to increase their calories which are not advisable for women.

There are also those that are applicable for both genders. The use of slimming pills, tea or even surgery is all applicable for both men and women. The best example of a weight loss diet which men and women can both take advantage of is the HCG diet. The diet is basically the use of the hormone and the low calorie diet. So HCG is the kind of a weight loss plan that is two-in-one.

The basic idea of using HCG as a weight loss diet was first discovered by Dr. Simeons during his studies and experimentation in the year 1950. He had obese and pregnant clients in his study which enabled him to discover the possibilities of HCG.

HCG hormone
The human chorionic gonadotropin is a natural hormone produced by women when they are pregnant. This hormone is in fact, the basis of confirming pregnancy. The native action of the hormone is to supply the woman with energy by using the fat deposits in her body. In return, the woman is able to control her weight as the fats are being burned down by the hormone. The hormone is stimulated when a woman eats less food thereby necessitates the body to use the stored fats. It is highly important for this natural mechanism to occur during pregnancy since the baby needs the nutrients too.

With this innate action of the HCG hormone, Dr Simeons took advantage of the weight loss possibilities and discovered a solution to obese and overweight individuals. The very first HCG hormones were given through injections. Until now, this method is still applied. The needle shots are administered once a day for 45 days of weight loss treatment. During this period, a dieter must also observe the formulated diet which is included in the HCG diet protocol. The diet should be low in calories but high in protein and fiber. This means that any fatty and sweetening foods are unacceptable. You should only consume lean meats, fruits, and vegetables. This will help the hormone by only supplying the body with the nutrients that it needs and not add more fat deposits to be removed.

The popularity of HCG hormone as a weight loss diet has brought about changes in the dieting industry as years passed by. Besides the injections, other HCG methods are also developed nowadays and one of which is the sublingual drops. It works just the same as the injections only that it is easier and more convenient to use. The only downside of the diet is the appearance of fake HCG products. These products do not contain the real hormones and can sometimes cause negative effects to the body. These products only contain large amounts of water, minerals, and sometimes even alcohol. If they do have the HCG hormone, it may be fewer than the high quality ones and they may not be as effective or as powerful in resulting to a weight loss effect on the user.

HCG Injections in Men and Women
There is no significant difference as to which gender is more applicable to use the HCG diet. However, it is said that women can notice more weight loss in them compared to men since men naturally have fewer fats than women. So there are also fewer fats to be removed in men when they use the HCG diet.

The side effects are also quite the same. The most prominent side effect that is seen in men is the enlarging of the breasts, since HCG is a hormone for ovulation in women that causes such effect during that period.

The weight loss effects of HCG are not bias on gender. As long as you are fit, capable and determined in following the diet protocol, you can lose weight whether you are a man or a woman.



+1 #1 Maria 2011-10-13 12:22
Today, it is not just the women who are so concerned with their weight. Men are slowly becoming more conscious about their health, shape, and weight. I was surprised that men could also used it, knowing that HCG are hormones found in pregnant women.
0 #2 Eugene 2011-10-18 08:47
Hello Maria! Yes, men nowadays are very conscious and vain! They are conscious with how they look too. ;-)

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