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HCG Injections VS Sublingual – Shots or Drops?

There is no doubt that people are becoming fatter by a minute. The development of sedentary and high-tech lifestyle has very much contributed to these unhealthy conditions. Exercise is no longer performed regularly. A well-balanced diet can not be maintained too. The irony is, people still want to lose weight but their actions prove the opposite.

The fact that people actually eat more than what they actually want is a subconscious effect of their frustration to lose weight that takes quite some time. They become frustrated and later on lose hope of not achieving their desired weight despite of constant efforts. As a result, they end up feeling depressed and have the urge to binge just to make them feel better.

Effective weight loss is a big deal but quicker weight loss result is an even bigger issue. People want to lose weight as fast as possible. They want something that can offer them less effort and more convenience in reaching their desires. If this is the case, then there is nothing more effective, safer and more importantly quicker is providing weight loss other that the HCG diet. It is a combination of the use of the hormone and a low calorie diet for a certain weight loss period.

HCG Injections
The HCG weight loss plan started with the use of the injections. It was started by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons during 1950s with his patients who were obese and overweight. The original method of giving HCG is actually effective. You only need one shot of the hormone per day for 45 days and that is already enough to cause weight loss effects. However, not everyone is in favor of having to stick needles into their skin every so often. The process is painful and sometimes traumatic to the skin. What has caused even more critiques to the use of injections is the undesirable effects is has caused dieters. There have been irritations and inflammation on the injection site and sometimes have caused blood clots. The non reputable manufactures of HCG has also added more insult to the HCG diet. Because of the low quality HCG injections they have sold to consumers, it has caused them side effects. These side effects are headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty in urinating, swelling, and stomach pains. In rare cases, it can even cause a complication known as the ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

The reason why it has caused these effects is because low quality HCG injections do not contain the right amount of the hormone that is enough to cause weight loss. Sometimes, the products are even free from the hormones it and are merely consist of water, alcohol, vitamins and minerals. Due to these issues in HCG shots, a new method is introduced which is through sublingual drops.

HCG Sublingual Drops
The sublingual drops are no different when it comes to providing weight loss to the dieter. It is as effective as the HCG injections only that the drops are more convenient to take and less painful. The precautions in taking the drop are just the same with the injections which require a physical examination and medical prescription. The number of doses however is increased into three times per day, 20 minutes before meals or after if forgotten to do so. The sublingual drops are easy and safe to take because you take it orally. There is no need of the painful needles. By just taking 15 drops in each dose, you are already sticking to the diet protocol. The drops should be placed under the tongue for 30 seconds then swallowed after the time is up.

Likewise in HCG injections, there are also HCG drops sold online which are imitators of the real ones. These HCG products are homeopathic and contain very few HCG hormones or none at all. If you purchase these kinds of product, you may not see any changes in your weight and sometimes observe some undesirable effects instead. The real sublingual drops of HCG are pharmaceutically made and do not contain synthetic hormones. They are high quality because they effectively target your fat deposits and do not just act like placebos.

The low calorie diet should still be observed in taking the drops. It does not changed because it is part of the protocol to observe a low calorie diet which is free from fats, carbs and sugar.

The HCG injections and sublingual drops are comparable when it comes to their weight loss effects. They can provide the weight loss that you want just as the other method would. The only factor here is your choice. It all depends on you which method will be more convenient and comfortable to you. Your assurance is regardless of the method, HCG is effective. Simply observe the precautions in using and buying the product and you will be successful in losing weight with the use of HCG diet.



0 #1 Carmen 2011-10-13 12:30
It all depends on you which method will be more convenient and comfortable to you. Your ***urance is regardless of the method, HCG is effective.
0 #2 Giselle 2011-10-18 08:52
They can provide the weight loss that you want regardless of which method you will use. It all depends on which mode you will be more comfortable to use

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